Drawout Panels

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Drawout Panels

Fully compartmentalized  Ensures operator safety.
Drawout Modules are with-drawable with 3
distinct position viz Test, Service 8 Isolation.
 Low Down Time
Drawout Modules of same size are fully interchangeable.

Easy Replacement


Totally enclosed, vermin-proof & dust proof Prevents Accidental Contacts & Short Circuit
Automatic safety shutter for the vertical bus-bar. Prevents Accidental Contacts & Short Circuit
Main bus-bars are easily approachable from the top. Easy Supervision & Maintenance
Self-aligning & self-disconnecting power &
auxiliary Control contacts.

No Mismatch of Contacts


Vertical bus-bars are provided with contact
Element for Drawout contacts
Prevents Damage to Main V BUS even afternumber of insertions.
Spring Loaded Earth Contacts Ensures Safety
Swivelling lever- guide for easy withdrawal
of the modules without any additional tools.   
Swivelling lever- guide for easy withdrawal
of the modules without any additional tools.   
Feeder & cable alley doors open in opposite               directions providing ample working space.           Totally enclosed, vermin-proof & dust proof     Ease For Maintenance & Commissioning person


Samcon a leading control panel manufacturer in OEM segment over a decade has entered into open Market with the launch of Factory Built Draw out panels in the collaboration with highly experienced leading technocrat in this field. Rugged, reliable & safety, true interchangeability are the distinguished features of this design. The design meets technical requirement of all kind of industries such as Cement, Steel Chemical, Fertilizers & many process plants. The designs are capable of accommodating any make of switchgears& are suitable to built intelligent MCC's.

Salient features of MCC / PCC enclosure :
• Fully compartmentalized design.
• Draw out trolleys/module incoming and outgoing power and control contacts automatically also late without manual disengagement in three distinct • position i.e. service, test isolate.
• All Draw out units are fully interchangeable.
• Totally enclosed vermin and dustproof.
• Safety shouters provided accidental contact from vertical bus bars.
• Latest design of our draw out enclosure provide maintenance free vertical bus bars with our joint.
• Main bus bar HBB are approachable from the top.
• Self aligning and disconnecting power and control contact.
• Racking Screw arrangement with telescopic rails system provide safe and sure.
Smooth movement like Draw out and insertion if module.
• New design provide top and bottom guide along with swiveling lever for easy module withdrawal without tools.
• Modular construction with wide choice of compartment size.
• Standard module size minimum 225mm and up to 1500mm height in step of 75rnm.
• Bolted design and assembly allow ease of alteration of extension at site.
• Hinged auxiliary door inside main compartment door permit mounting of control accessories, such as meters, selector switch, indicating lamps, push buttons and reset actuator.
• Further this system improve better utilization of equipment plate and total interchangeability of trolleys.
• Spring loaded scraping earthling provided with first make and last brake arrangement.
• Maximum eight numbers auxiliary bus bar center provide in top chamber and segregation from HBB zone.
• Large cabling space with adequate cable supports, are provided in CBC.
• Incoming and outgoing stab in type power contacts up to 800Amps. Provide very large range of feeders of different types.

Technical Data:

Rated voltage 600volts, 50HZ.
Phase 3 phase and neutral of 4 poles.
Rated current  Main Bus bar -3200Amp Vertical bus bar-800Amp
Short circuit strength Standard 50ka 1 second Optional 65ka 1 second
Enclosure type     IP-52
Bus bar material Horizontal Aluminum 3200A max Vertical Aluminums 800Amp max and Cooper 1000Amp max
Bus bar support SMC (FRP)

Single front 800/850 W x 600D x 2400H. Max

Double front 800/850W x 800D x 2400H. Max.

Standard    IS 8623.1993 and IEC 61439/60439